This blog is about defining my thoughts and beliefs surrounding success, in every aspect of my life, redefining those thoughts and beliefs that haven’t served me well (or aren’t anymore), and refining the thoughts and beliefs that have.

To understand why I decided to do this, it'll help to understand how I got here.

Let me explain...

There is an event in every great story where the main character has an epiphany, whether that means saving their relationship or saving the world, that changes the entire direction of the story. The character usually arrives at this point when a major crises overwhelms them, forcing them to reevaluate their entire life.

That’s kinda where I am in my life right now. 

I came to my epiphany after I woke up one day and realised that I’d been asleep for 30-odd years. Not literally, of course, but not far from it either. And, like every great story (and dream), my life has had moments of comedy, tradgedy, love and drama. 

There have been exhilarating ups, devastating downs, and periods of calm... that rarely last long.

The difference between my life and the other literary masterpieces that we all know and love is that there's no writing genius, drenched in sweat, frantically typing beautifully orchestrated story lines and plot twists on a Lettera 32 Olivetti. 

No - I was the author and, if I'm being honest, I was asleep at the metaphorical typewriter. Instead, I was allowing other peoples' storylines - their dramas, comedies, and love stories - to dictate my life story.

The other difference is that my story is still being written and no fairytale ending is guaranteed.

No Violins Needed... 

Honestly - I’m simply a dad, trying to create the best life possible for my family. 

I have no super powers, special talents or genetic gifts. No political, financial or business connections. I have no track record of achievement, no trophies, no medals.  

I quit almost everything I have ever started. 

So what have I got to offer? Why would you listen to me?

Well, for one, I’m not some guru on top of the hill dishing out hippy dippy advice after I've made my dosh - from selling you hippy dippy advice - on how to make dosh. I’m right here, going through it too.

I’m not an economic theory graduate doling out academic books that have no practical or useful information. I'm enrolled in The School of Hard Knocks - and I'm barely making the grade.

That's not to say that there aren't people providing fantastic, practical, advice that will actually transform lives. And, of course there are economic theory graduates who are doing really impressive work that benefit us all.

I'm simply saying that I'm not them.

I'm only interested in the information, strategies, tools and hacks that have stood the test of time and actually work. Then finding what works for me and my family, with all of our quirks, personalities, goals, dreams, ambitions.

And, I'm only up for all of this if it means we can all have a great time doing it.

So if that sounds like your cup of tea...

Welcome to The Family!