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Overcoming Obstacles 

Hey there,

How’s it going? I hope all is well.

It’s been an interesting time for me since my last post. I’ll put it like this…

You ever notice that as soon as you make your mind up to do something, all these other things crop up?

For instance, you finally decide to hang that picture that’s been sat (gathering dust) down the back of the sofa for ages. Heck, you even forgot about that picture until the remote fell into No Man’s Land and you nearly broke your fingers trying to reach it without missing one single moment of Scandal.  

So, after Scandal (of course), you suddenly feel highly motivated to hang this picture. I don't know, maybe it was all that suspense, betrayal or Olivia Pope’s amazing Gladiator speech but you’re pumped. You grab your dust covered toolbox, a pencil and ruler with the sole intention of Gladiating the hell out of that picture (yes, I made that word up - that’s how I roll). 

Then it starts…

The phone rings. It hasn’t rang the entire day you spent in your pyjamas but it does now. Turns out it’s your mummy. She’s in a bit of a bind because she left her nail file at home and needs it - urgently. Being the fantastic child you are, you agree to drop it off. After all, it is urgent

An hour later and you’re back, ready to attack this ‘little’ job.

Ding Dong! It’s the postman with the hand stitched, snakeskin elf shoes you ordered 5 months ago. And of course you need to sign for that. A little frustrated, you gently throw the box on the sofa and continue with the task at hand. Not before switching the phone and doorbell off - in case. 

Not even having a chance to walk up to the ‘picture wall’, the front door bursts open. Did you forget to shut it? No. You forgot to lock it, deadbolt it and weld it shut! It’s your brother (he has a keys for emergencies) who’s now being really animated as he’s shouting something at you about milk and sawdust. All you know is that somehow you’re now required to lend him £189.95 and drive him to the bank to deposit it as - of course - he doesn't have a licence. 

On and on (like that Erykah Badu song) this madness continues to happen until you lose all hope of hanging this picture… and maintaining any shred of sanity.

And that’s just the external obstacles! I’m not even talking about the internal obstacles like, lack of self confidence, fear of looking stupid, fear of failing, fear of achieving our goal(s) etcetera that we have to deal with!

Now, we could say ‘that’s just how life is’ but I think that only gives us an excuse to be lazy. No - what we have to do is find a way to go under, over, around, or muscle straight through these things that slowly drain our time, motivation and energy for accomplishing our goals. 

So how do we avoid and resist the many obstacles that will inevitably crop up?

Well you'll be happy to hear (uh… read) that we don't have to do anything drastic. In fact it’s really quite simple. All it requires is us being consistently persistent (and/or persistently consistent). 

I can hear you saying, ‘This guy is a ‘genius’! If it was that easy everyone would achieve everything they wanted.’ Well, Yes, I am a genius! But I never said it was easy, I said it was simple. It’s simple to just do what needs to be done regularly but it’s not easy to do that throughout the onslaught of obstacles that head our way. 

You see, it’s about priorities isn't it? Once you've set a goal (see: Resolutions, Rabbits & Roadkill), you have to prioritise what needs to be done regularly to achieve it. Then take Nike’s advice and ‘Just do it!’. 

Commit to whatever actions you need to take regularly. Whether it’s studying for an hour a day, reading ten pages of a good book a day, playing with your Tickle Me Elmo for 10 minutes a week, or just being still for 5 minutes a month. Write it down and start doing it.

Even if it means saying to mummy, ‘I love you but I can't help as I’m doing something really important.’ Even if you have to miss an episode of Scandal or two (yeah, I said it!). Even if you have to sacrifice a couple of hours sleep. You have to do it, you owe it to yourself! 

You really do owe it to yourself because of the genuine feeling of success that comes from setting a goal, planning your actions and doing what needs to be done - come what may. This applies to me as well (all of my posts do). Also, taking consistent and persistent actions will overcome both internal and external obstacles.

Finally, here’s a thought: Change isn’t this massive event that happens. It’s the little steps we take (persistently and consistently) every day.

So let’s do it!

Until Next Time…