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Start Your Engines...

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

In my post on Monday, Don't Pump The Breaks (Momentum), we discussed the concept of momentum in life. 

What I didn't consider is the fact that often we find it difficult to get started in the first place!

I mean, it's all well and good talking about taking one small step at a time but, we all know that first step is the hardest. Then, I found myself asking, "Why is that? Why is that first step towards making a change so blummin' hard?"

With that question my brain was surprisingly quick to remind me of some of the 'reasons' I have given for not doing things.

Note: that I'm not talking about day to day stuff like washing the dishes straight after dinner (my only reason for not doing that is laziness). No - I'm talking about the types of things that could really change your life in some meaningful way like, learning a new language, starting a business, joining a debate club or taking up balloon modelling. 

My list included: 

- I'm too young

- I'm too old

- I'm too unhealthy

- I'm too broke

- I'm too handsome...

Ok, the last one was obviously a joke, nobody could ever be too handsome... can they?

Seriously though, the list was endless! Suddenly, I recalled Napoleon Hill's statement, "One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average man's familiarity with the word 'impossible' ". Because, that's basically what we're saying to ourselves with these 'reasons' isn't it? It's impossible because... 

And why are we constantly thinking about what's impossible for our lives? Because of FEAR

You and I both know that's the truth! Now you can call it, a lack of confidence, shyness, social awkwardness, or whatever new-age title you want, but it basically boils down to fear. And I'm even willing to go one step further and say that some of the worst fears we experience relate to the fear of what others might think, say or do. 

Then I stumbled across something that I think will help add some perspective to things..

Jeff Olson, in his book titled Slight Edge, related an experience that changed his life forever. One day he read amagazine article where he learned that, only about ten people cry at the average funeral and, the num­ber one deter­min­ing fac­tor of whether peo­ple would go to the bur­ial site, was…the weather.

Read that again... slowly. Let those sobering points sink in.

Jeff, when reading these facts opined, “That’s it? You mean I go through my entire life, spend years going through all these tri­als and tribu­la­tions and achieve­ments and joys and heartbreaks and at the end of it, there are only ten peo­ple who care enough to cry?”

"You mean, I’m lying there, at the grand con­clu­sion of every­thing I’ve ever said and done, of every­thing I call my life, in those final moments when my entire life is called to account and acknowl­edged and memo­ri­al­ized by those near­est and dear­est to me, those whose lives I’ve most deeply and pro­foundly touched…and half the congre­ga­tion checks out halfway through because of the weather?!”

“You know what? I don’t give a [colourful language deleted] what any­body thinks of what I’m doing any more. If the odds are that iffy as to whether or not they even cry at my funeral, and chances are fifty-fifty that they duck out any­way before I’m planted if the sky hap­pens to cry for me more than the peo­ple do…then why am I spend­ing so much time wor­ry­ing about what they’re think­ing now?”

Now I don't know where Jeff read the article or if the statistics are true but, what I do know for a fact is, people think about us a lot less than we think because they are thinking of themselves a lot more than they'll admit. 

So stop worrying and start doing! 

Once you've taken that first step it gets easier! Plus you've created positive momentum in your life!

Have you got the courage to do it? Say "YES!"

That's all from me for now!

Speak Soon