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(More) Food For Thought

Hello again,

I hope you have a think about my thoughts about thinking positive about money and your finances (sorry, couldn't help myself).

Seriously though, and this is something I realised myself last night, sometimes it isn't even about reacting positively to changes (like the breakup example in my last post). Sometimes it's more about thinking & truly believing that we CAN actually take control.

Yes, we can sort our money problems out. Yes, we can wrap your head around a bank statement. Yes, we can wear that mankini to the beach (woah there cowboy- got a bit carried away there).

Moving swiftly on to Step 2!

If, like me, the words 'reconciliation', 'statements' and 'accounts' put you straight to sleep....


Only joking! The truth is, we all have to at least know the basics. I hear ya though friend, 'why struggle through learning about that? When I'm filthy stinking rich I can pay accountants to do it for me.'

But... how will you know if they're ripping you off? How will you know what you own, how much, for how long, and when?

Fact is, if you understand that £2 + £2= £4, you're half way there!

Now all we have to understand the other half.

So, grab your credit report and we can dig in!

Speak soon!